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All right, I admit to having been coerced into providing my artist’s statement. This despite taking no small amount of joy in not declaring said statement, ever. Having spent so many years of my working life in the purely commercial and strictly 'for the money' occupation of design and building, there has been no shortage of irony that the only place to hide was in my art. I say ‘irony' as the art was what most people responded to, without question.

I would not be an artist if not for the wonderment that anything is possible, acceptable and hopefully worthwhile to at least one other human.

In practice, my work encompasses all media, and, both serious and playful subject matter (OK, mostly playful). Being limited by one narrow program or discipline has always proven to be suffocating to me creatively and so I never feel confined by a single discipline and have worked in whichever media that seemed to suit the concept. Sometimes the conceptual idea rules and everything goes into that effort. Other times the innate beauty or peculiar properties of a material speaks so loudly, my only task has been to showcase those properties or express them in my own way. I think it would be fair to say I am far more influenced by nature than human endeavor, so much so that I question whether I should be taking credit for my work!

After four decades of practice, from building to design to furnishing and sculpture I find that the one thing that has been constant in my work is a respect for the material, a feel for the natural material, and in sharp contrast to that notion, the returning of manmade materials to something that might have some redemption after all in the natural world.

Lastly, I trust my imagination and moreover intuition to get me through. Nothing is more gratifying (or alarming) than the dream that awakens. That has always been the launching pad of my work.

I would be remiss if not to credit all Japanese Art as both inspiration and guidepost. The alchemy of precision and beauty in form and execution makes it possible for me to wake up each day feeling challenged and inspired.


Tom Kennedy

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