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For the past nine years I have traveled the country learning and growing my trade. Now that I am beginning a new chapter in my life I have been inspired to reflect upon myself and my direction. My art has evolved and transformed into art that is an expression of me, my ideas, beliefs, passions, and desires. I have changed direction in my lines of jewelry, allowing myself to move out of the past and into the future. I have grown my techniques and my outlets, allowing myself, as well as my business to grow. I have expanded into other art forms, allowing myself to dream of new possibilities.  

So here are my ever evolving endeavors. Hopefully you will find something that inspires you.

Hornfeather Jewelry

My main art form was taught to me by James Robinson Hornfeather. I meticulously hand carve feathers from various materials such as horn, antler, amber, tusks and anything else I find that is able to be carved by my hand file. Combining what I have learned from him and my knowledge of lapidary arts, I also create wonderfully designed inlay pieces. The feathers are then transformed into unique pendants, earrings and bracelets using wire wrapping and cold forging techniques. Sometimes beads are added for decoration. With my efforts, I hope to continue Jimmy’s dream of ensuring that everyone has a feather.

Wire wrapped Jewelry

Wire wrapping has been a very valuable asset in my art work.  I now teach many of my wire wrapping techniques at the Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos, NM. I also had one of my wire wrapped rings featured in the December 2017 New Mexican Magazine gift giving guide.


I make various styles of rings using a range of metal wire in varying gauges and many different wire wrapping and cold forging techniques. The majority of the rings include some type of beading as well. Most of these rings can be custom made on site to the customers specific size.

Stone Pendants

I use a single wire to create this fancy wire wrap technique. Many of the stones have been mined and cut by either myself or the collective of lapidary artist's I have become associated with over the years.


I make a clasping bracelet using a single wire and multiple beads. This was the first wire wrap technique that I taught myself. I now have expanded that knowledge to include other styles.

Upcycled and Repurposed Jewelry

With an ever driving passion to promote a more conscientious world that reduces its consumption and misuse of non-renewable resources, I have used a collective of knowledge bestowed upon me by many amazing and talented artists to design several lines of up-cycled and repurposed jewelry.

My current lines of upcycled and repurposed jewelry include:

Leather Inspired Jewelry

As I rummage through the scraps from leather artists, I am inspired to create jewelry by minimally altering the scrap and then adding elements new and old to create one of a kind jewelry. Many pieces have been featured in a gallery art exhibit.

Steampunk inspired jewelry

From clock and watch parts to leathers, feathers, and chains this line of jewelry is sure to impress. This line mostly consists of earrings and several pieces have been featured in an art gallery exhibit.

Gift card Guitar Pick Jewelry

I am always looking for a way to reuse what someone else considers out dated or unusable. In this line of jewelry I take gift cards that are no longer in circulation and spray paint the backs. Then I cut out guitar picks from the cards and make them I to earrings and necklaces. 

Upcycled Belt Cuffs 

 I transform used belts into snapping cuffs. Some cuffs are already decorated, while plain cuffs can be custom designed on site using various scrap jewelry, charms, and trinkets that I have acquired over the years. One pieces was featured in a couple art gallery exhibits.

Home Decor

Many things inspire me and as the things that I'm inspired by grew larger in size so did my pieces of Art. I use things I find in nature and repurposed materials found all over the place to create wonderful mobiles and dream catchers. I have also started creating stand-alone pieces with my Hornfeathers that are large and exceptional.

One Sweater Wearables

My most unique line would be my One Sweater Wearables (OSW). This collection has evolved so much and consists of multiple piece ensembles that are created from a single sweater.

My ever evolving endeavors have really grown over the last eight years. Currently, I am mastering the art of Hornfeather jewelry, fancy wire wrapped stone pendants, wire wrapped bead rings, and up cycled belt cuffs and other up cycled jewelry.