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A love of travel and journeys taken both near and far have been a strong influence in the development of my work. My recent move to the Santa Fe area has impacted what I choose to paint, and I recognize how dramatically environment can impact perceptions of beauty and inner tranquility. A sense of place can set the tone and create transport to a moment either real or imagined. Visual cues are powerful conduits that stimulate the imagination and can evoke an amazing range of emotions. Observation and interpretation are guiding forces that take me on a never-ending journey of intrigue and discovery. 

Since early childhood I have been fascinated with form, texture and color. This interest is reflected in my work whether non-objective or representational. My intent is to find the essence of my subject matter in a very succinct way without losing the interconnection of parts to the whole.

 I enjoy working in a variety of media including oils, acrylic, pastel and collage and my subjects vary from landscapes to non-objective to figurative. Several years ago my husband, Tom and I began doing collaborative pieces combining the elements of painting and sculpture in three-dimensional works. We continue to collaborate and are excited about developing a new series of work utilizing found objects and organic materials from our property in rural New Mexico.  

Merrimon Kennedy