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I am delighted to have my weaving studio in the Pojoaque River Valley, where I live with my husband, artist Jean-Marc Richel.

Over the centuries the Southwest has maintained a rich and diverse tradition in textile design and fiber arts. I’m pleased to be part of this legacy and to offer my handweaving to visitors frequenting this art tour.

I began weaving in the 1970s when I maintained a studio on the Greek island of Hydra. Inspired by the intense sunlight and color palette of the Mediterranean, I designed home furnishings to compliment the vernacular architecture characteristic of the islands. I collected dye plants and became fascinated with the alchemy of color derived from natural sources. Today I’ve continued my passion for discovering the many beautiful shades that come from native plants, soil, and minerals.

Although I’ve been weaving for many years, I’ve made my way in the world as a cultural anthropologist and ethnographer. This occupation has given me the opportunity to travel widely and engage in field research focusing on the anthropology of architecture, art, and design. In my most recent appointment at Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture I had the wonderful experience of sharing my interest in textile design and fiber arts with my many students.

The handweavings I’m offering during this art tour are inspired by a local landscape that yields beautiful fibers, colors, and inspiration. Since I’m in love with Southwestern architecture, many of my home furnishings are rustic and well suited to white-washed adobe interiors. I’ll also have other surprises on hand, including my signature backpacks and a sample of Middle Eastern Bedouin Weaving, my current passion.

Mary Grow