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Intrigued by texture, my photographic and digital art explore a wide range of subjects and textures. By combining a subject image with layers of photographic textures, I can create mood, depth and a deeper sense of place. 

However, feltmaking has become my newest passion, and is a bit similar to my photographic work in reference to texture and layers. But, it pretty much stops there in comparison.

There are two types of feltmaking, wet and dry. I prefer wet felting which is very physical, and feeds my need for something more tactile than digital artwork.

I use rainwater to manipulate sheep's wool into tangling together to create a pre-felt, and then work it and shape it while it's still wet to strengthen it and create sculptural pieces. Each sculpture is made as one piece, so there's no sewing involved.

Wool is the oldest fabric known and even predates spinning. This is how felt has been made for thousands of years!

During the Tour, I will also have a limited selection of my line of felting and fiber art supplies. Items will include richly dyed Merino Wool Roving, Effect Fibers, and a variety of Felting Tools. 

If there's something specific on the website that you'd like me to bring, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be sure to have it there for you if I have it in stock.

I accept all major credit cards including Apple Pay and Android Pay.