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Enchanted Ceramics is the name I chose for my studio. Making ceramic artwork is an enchanting experience, so while living in the Land of Enchantment, it seemed to fit and has served me well for several years while I have been doing craft shows here in New Mexico.

My work is done with slabs of clay that were rolled out flat, cut into shapes and assembled into functional dishware or sculpture. I use stamps and other objects to press into the clay slabs, creating a variety of textured designs. Glazes react to the non-smooth surface forming color variations during the firing process.

My work includes a variety of functional ware, such as platters, mugs and bowls, figurative sculpture and decorative wall hangings. I am constantly inspired to create new designs and whimsical objects! The rewarding part is sharing my work with people who love art and appreciate the creative process. Welcome to Enchanted Ceramics! Come and enjoy my unique creations!

Ellen Mancini
  • Ellen Mancini
  • Hosted by Rancho Jacona
  • Stop 6 - 277 County Road 84