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I was born in Alamosa, Colorado, and raised in the Española Valley. I now reside in Jaconita with my husband, Larry Ulibarri.

Upon my retirement, I decided to explore my artistic curiosity by transitioning from oil painting to the watercolor medium.

My motto is, Practice makes perfect.... right? I find that it’s just as true with watercolor painting as it is with anything else. I enjoy the pleasure of painting even simple shapes with watercolors. Each time I pickup a brush and start painting I feel like I’m getting to know my paints a little bit better.

Watercolors are all about happy experimentations and learning. There are so many interesting things to learn about this medium — color mixing, layering washes, building glazes, wet-in-wet or texture effects, just to name a few examples. The movement of pigment mixed with water is very entertaining — many happy surprises magically appear on the paper.

At an early age, my interest in art was inspired by my mother who was a school teacher and artistically talented. She enjoyed ‘passing it forward’. Similarly, I have had the opportunity to paint with my nieces and grandchildren. I love seeing their faces light up with enthusiasm as they delve their brushes into my watercolor pallet and create paintings that are quite amazing!

I continue to develop my creative process under the instruction of Michael Allen McGuire and thoroughly enjoy the stimulating atmosphere of learning from many other talented artists as well.